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Siew Ying wrote

On 22/06/17, Woofie’s owner brought him to look for people to take him in as he was in a lot of personal problems.

He went to check around but no one would take him in FOC.

The owner has got no $$$$ to pay lodging and he has to be out of his place with immediate effect.

MCDS was the last unit that he approached.

We took him in.

The poor dog missed the owner.

Woofie kept whining till Terry brought him a soft mattress and sat down with him.

Terry talked to him for an hour or so, telling him about the rest of the dogs that were housed in MCDS.

Woofie was convinced and he slept through the night.

Now Woofie doesn’t whine anymore but will join in the barking gang ..ย ๐Ÿ˜€

When the owner was contacted that Woofie missed him, he said he would come to visit when he was more settled with his personal stuff.
He thought we were chasing him for $$$”

To help in the long term care of Woofie and other dogs at the Sanctuary, do consider sponsoring their food at these links:

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At Metta Cats & Dogs SanctuarySiew Ying wroteOn 22/06/17, Woofie's owner brought him to look for people to take him…

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Cremation of Richie

Cremation of Richie on 4th June 2017

Metta Cats & Dogs SanctuaryCremation of Richie who resided in MCDS for more than 10 years.He passed away with struggle on 3rd June 2017 at 5.45pm.Cremation at Mobile Pet Cremation (http://www.mobilepetcremation.com.sg)Flowers, again, compliment of Teresa Florist at Pasir Ris (who has been waiving the many charges after learning that Siew Ying bought them for the cremation of the rescue cats and dogs)Thank you to Nora Ng for sponsoring the cremation fee.#richiemcds

Posted by Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary on Sunday, 4 June 2017

Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary

Cremation of Richie who resided in MCDS for more than 10 years.

He passed away with struggle on 3rd June 2017 at 5.45pm.

Cremation at Mobile Pet Cremation (http://www.mobilepetcremation.com.sg)

Flowers, again, compliment of Teresa Florist at Pasir Ris (who has been waiving the many charges after learning that Siew Ying bought them for the cremation of the rescue cats and dogs)

Thank you to Nora Ng for sponsoring the cremation fee.


Moo back for a temp stay

13 mins “Mummy & daddy just dropped him off. He kept looking out for them. He will stay till 18/06 ๐Ÿ˜Š” #moomcds #mooadopted

Moo back for temporary boarding

At Metta Cats & Dogs SanctuaryMoo's paw-rents dropped him off for boarding while they are off for a holiday till 18th June 2017.Moo looking for them.SY wrote, "Moo also aged. Gums not so strong, cannot bite hard treats anymore."Background of Moo:https://www.facebook.com/notes/metta-cats-dogs-sanctuary/story-of-moo/261044564071232/?hc_ref=SEARCHBought as a puppy in 2004 for the youngest son. The mother of the household got tired of looking after him as she received no help from the sons. He was to be surrendered to the SPCA.Siew Ying took him in in 2012#mooadopted#moomcds

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Richie just passed away

Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary bids good-bye to one of the oldest residents, RIchie. He passed away without any struggle at 5.45pm on 3rd June 2017. Mummy Siew Ying would not be able to bathe him tomorrow but will now clean him for his cremation tomorrow.

PM MCDS if you would like to sponsor any portion of the cremation fee of $374 at Mobile Pet Cremation (http://www.mobilepetcremation.com.sg/).

๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒบBackground of Richie๐Ÿ•:

Siew Ying recalls,
“Someone lodged him with a breeder then defaulted payment.

When the breeder was moving out they abandoned him @ Lorong Halus.

He made his way back to his previous residence every night hoping that they would open up the back door for him.

We fed him at the back fencing area for a while, then one day he refused to move away even after eating.

He was not neutered yet and we did not have enough cubicle to segregate him. I talked to him and wanted him to promise not to fight with the other dogs. He wagged his tail and sort of acknowledged. I took him in and he was ok sharing space from then on.

I think that about 10 years ago.


May he be happy where-ever he is now and if he is to reborn, be born a human who is not only wise but has a kind heart as well, so that he can help other living beings like he had been helped in this life.



At Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary

Background: Jenna is a Siamese-mixed. Yet she was suspected to be dumped onto the streets because she is old and sickly with eye discharge. She was also not neutered.
She initially suspected to be young because of her small built.

Siew YIng updates, “Jenna .. she still hv discharge on left eye.. but put on some weight ๐Ÿ˜Š



At Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary

Background of Suzy:

“She was discovered hiding in a drain, heavily congested and barely able to breathe, by some kind people who brought her to the vet.

She tested positive for FIV but negative for FELV, and given some antibiotics and other meds and fostered by one of her rescuers.

It was really painful to see this little cat gasping and struggling to breathe in the first few days of her treatment. It didnโ€™t look that she could survive.

However, miraculously she clung on and eventually her breathing improved.

Reduced to skin and bones, she even started to eat on her own. Although she’s an old cat, she’s only the size of a kitten, due to her lifetime of malnourishment and suffering. Itโ€™s obvious that Suzy has had a really hard and torturous life.

Due to her poor condition, this cat will not be able to survive long once back on the streets.

After all her suffering, Suzy should be able to spend her last days in a safe and caring environment.”


Marmie is back at the shelter after 6 days hospitalised

Marmie misses her kibbles

At Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuaryโ€‹#marmiemcds is finally home. "She missed her kibbles ๐Ÿ˜Š"

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Salon Cat

At Metta Cats & Dogs SanctuarySalon Cat recovered well from multiple bites and is out of quarantine.She now has a hearty appetite.She is now renamed Salonpas.The shelter is down to 2 packs of GOLD-D kibbbles that most cats LOVE.Do consider sponsoring at this link:https://www.facebook.com/mettacatsanddogssanctuary/photos/a.224993161009706.1073741828.135547516620938/876634182512264/?type=3&theater#saloncatmcds#salonpasmcds

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Salonpas loves her bed

Metta Cats & Dogs SanctuarySalonpas LOVES this bed from Nora Ng#salonpas

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At MCDS on 13th May 2017 Saturday

At MCDS on 13-05-2017 Saturday

At Metta Cats/Dogs Shelter on 13th May 2017, SaturdayStarring:#acejrmcds#mayamcds#tabbyboymcds

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