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Rescued on the 27-02-2008 from a restructured hospital that has zero-cat tolerance and where he was also in danger from snakes, Alex-Blue was sterilised at PAW clinic on the same day. He was also vaccinated and later transferred to MettaCats for boarding until he finds a good home.


14-03-2008 “He is fine. It takes time to let him settle down with the other cats. He allows me to hold him.”

15-03-2008 “Alex is ok now. He asked for wet food when he heard me opening the cats. He should be able to mingle with the mild group soon, then I will let him out into the big cubicle.”

26-03-2008 “He’s fine. Now very manja. He will call me when I walk past him.”

04-04-2008 “He is now free-roaming in the cattery as he gets along well with the other cats. He is also affectionate towards human. Hope he finds a home soon.”

20-04-2008 “Alex-blue is out when Sally is there but he automatically will go back to the cage when he wants to sleep. Never fights. Very good natured.”

10-08-2008 “Alex is absolutely adorable. He responds to his name and seeks out human for affection! He has recovered completely from the trauma of abandonment. He is also absolutely friendly to other cats and never retaliate to being bullied by some. He will fit in a family that already had cats.