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25-05-2008: Spotted with two other kittens (Oliver-Junior and Grey-Girl), all about 5-month-old, taking refuge amongst shrubs in front of a block of HDB flats. They were all trustingly friendly, indicating that they were abandoned! They were skinny from hunger and thirst and showing signs of having contracting a viral infection.

29-05-2008: sms from SY: “OJ’s a bit shy. He climbed to the top of the shelf to sleep. GG loves the carrier so much that she keeps going in to sleep. BB is the most sociable, trying to play with those hanging around his cubicle. All different characters, just like the 2-leggeds.”

Gender : Male

Estimated DOB : 25-01-2008

Vaccinated : End May 2008 (1st)

Sterilised : 8th July 2008 (Allpets & Aqualife Vets)