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26-05-2008, 7.45pm: I found Oliver crouched comfortably just besides the kerb-perimeter of the shrubs. He wasn’t too hungry and thirsty as I fed him this morning and left water in a discarded plastic bag I found nearby. He was friendly and after rubbing his affection round me, he went to nibble at the dry food. I transferred the paper bowl into the carrier and he followed suite. Soon he was in except for the tip of his tail. The door was closed and he struggled a little as I carried him to the car nearby. The few aunties sitting in the little pavilion were provided some diversion from their usual chatting.
In the boot of the car, I covered the carrier with a towel. All the windows of the car were lowered a bit as I have to leave him in the boot till about 9pm.

9pm : He crouched quietly in the carrier, resigned to his “fate”.

29-05-2008: sms from SY: “OJ’s a bit shy. He climbed to the top of the shelf to sleep. GG loves the carrier so much that she keeps going in to sleep. BB is the most sociable, trying to play with those hanging around his cubicle. All different characters, just like the 2-leggeds.”

Gender : Male

Estimated DOB : 25-01-2008

Vaccinated : End May 2008 (1st)

Sterilised : 1st July 2008 (Allpets & Aqualife Vets)