3rd February 1999


A little kitten crying besides a big drain. Dark clouds loomed overhead. Rain would pour any minute now.

dkarma_03021999_02A little boy saved the kitten but his mother disapproved. So he looked for Auntie Lee who took her in. She was given the name Dkarma . She was 2 weeks’ old then.

dkarma_03021999_03with Brandie dkarma_03021999_05
dkarma_03021999_06with Mei-Mei

dkarma_03021999_07Dkarma hand-fed every 2 hourly!


Dkarma was neutered by Dr. Ling at Namly Animal Clinic on 28th June 2000

2nd January 2001 : Dharma joins Metta Cattery.

8th July 2002
Thanks to Anthony Goh, Dkarma was brought for medical attention by Dr. Daphne Ang of Animal Clinic at Clementi.
“Facial sore caused by prolonging scratching of ear as a results of bad earmites. Very bad teeth, scaling done” Cost $190.10

9th July 2002
Dkarma was found to be suffering from severe skin infection. The shortage of volunteer hand-on help at the cattery will not permit adequate care of Dkarma. A lady who wishes to remain anonymous has kindly agreed to take her in for intensive care and love. Thanks to Zack for the transport.

0th July 2002; The anonymous lady wrote

“Dkarma and I met as old friends. She is exactly what I imagine her to be (in fact she is very much prettier) and she seems to know me. The earth did not shake when we met but there was a calm comfort of two beings who already know each other meeting up again. And she settled into her surroundings as if she knew we were always there and waiting for her.
Got up this morning at 5am, couldn’t sleep because at the back of my mind was the chore of disinfecting her room and her carrier. She watched me while I swept and mopped and listened to my chatting.”

“Dkharma is settling down well. Obviously starved of affection and attention (as in all institutional cats) she just loves to be touched. Like her name, she is wise and calm and very centered. She is the only cat I know who can wolf down a plate of fish clean wearing an Elizabethan collar.”



28th July 2002; update:
dkarma_oct2002_01 dkarma_oct2002_02

“Dkarma pooed this morning. All is well. Everything normal.
And is she a happy, healthy cat! Rolls on her back to be tickled and even plays with a red ribbon. Loves to chat but not noisy. When I talk to her, she sits in her corner and purrs happily.
Very clean too. Have not seen any cat like her who can finish a whole plate of food while wearing an Elizabethan collar and keeping that collar clean.
Medication time is when we spend quality time together. Lots of patting and stroking while she sits quite still for me to clean her ears and applying medication on her face. Only resists to shake her head when ear drops are applied and that is a perfectly normal reaction.
She is the perfect house cat. Congratulations, you have all brought her up very well.
Salie and Sharon, definitely no sign of that listless cat who had no interest in the world around her. You wouldn’t recognise the new Dkarma that thrives on interacting with humans.
She is all these and more:
D for divine
K for knock-out looks
A for affectionate
R for rare, one of a kind
M for man’s best friend
A for A1, top of the list

12th August 2002:
Dkarma has recovered beautifully from the skin problem and is back at the cattery today. This is possible due the kindness of the lady who attended to Dkarma with great tenderness and great love.

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The years roll by and as with all phenomena in cyclical existence, Dkarma, too, is subjected to aging.

小猫在大沟渠里哭泣。乌云密布,雨即将落下。母亲不同意小男孩收养营救回来的她,Auntie Lee接收了她,并取名Dkarma。她只有2个星期,每两个小时需要喂食。

28 June 2000, Dkarma在Namly Animal Clinic 接受绝育手术。

2 January 2001: 她加入爱心猫之家。8th July 2002。 多谢Anthony Goh 带她去金文泰的Animal Clinic由Dr Daphne Ang 诊治。“脸部的伤痕是因为小虫而引起的,牙齿严重损坏”。药费$190.10。9th July 2002。她数处皮肤敏感。猫之家缺乏人手无法适当的护理她。一位匿名的女士愿意伸出援手与爱心。多谢Zack 的载送。

July 2002; 匿名女士写道:

“ 我和Dkarma就像老朋友。她比我想像中还要漂亮。我们就好像已经相识,现在再度的相逢。她已经适应四周的环境,知道我们一直在那里和等着她。凌晨5点 醒了就无法再入睡,想着要为她的房间及笼子消毒。她一直在旁边观看我做家务和谈天。“Dkharma现在适应的很好,很渴望得到疼爱和关怀。像她的名字一 样很聪明,平静和自我。她是我唯一认识的,带着颈圈还能狼吞虎咽的吃完一盘鱼的猫。



D : 女神。K : 特出的外貌。
A : 可爱。R :罕见的,友好的。M :人类的好朋友。A :永远 第一。

12th August 2002: 今天Dkarma恢复美丽的原貌回到猫之家。这是因为有位善心的女士给于她细心的护理和奉献无私的爱心。