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This kitten was abandoned in the vicinity of the lift lobby in a block of flats in Bedok. She has such a sad look on her face. Sometimes she was found at the feet of gossiping housewives sitting around the concrete table and stools. Other times she hid in the shrub nearby.
In the morning she was confused and frightened by so many screaming children attending the childcare centre next to the lift lobby.
She didn’t know how to eat dry cat food and so has to be give can food. On the evening of the 17th of January 2000, after the rain, she was rescued to join Ms Lee’s feline family.
She has a big bruise on her back. Was she abused? She tried to bite with her tiny little teeth when her back was touched. She also has some cysts on her back and leg which subsequently burst.
She is now well abate a healing wound from the burst cyst. She now plays like crazy with Boh Keum and Puja Boy.

29th August 2000: Neutered and Vaccinated at Namly Animal Clinic
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26th September: Janooi is probably the most “kaypoh” (local Chinese slang for “inquisitive” cat in the cattery). She would tag the volunteer as he or she scooped up the poos from the three giant bins. Janooi is fascinated with water. She would sit close to the water bins as the water from the hose filled them up. She would stand on her hind legs to have a close look at the water flowing from the tap. I wonder what memories water stirred up in her mind.

Janooi is probably the most “kaypoh” (Singapore slang for “inquisitive”) cat in the cattery. She will follow the volunteer/s going about the chores in the cattery
She has a fascinating fascination with water. She loves to watch the water coming out of the hose and from the tap. She will stand on her hind legs to drink from the dripping tap! Water was found running from the tap on two occasions after the volunteers have left and the suspect was none other than Janooi.
She was seen standing on her hind legs with her body rubbing and turning the tap-knob.
Now the volunteers have to make sure the knob was turned tight before leaving. A sign-board will be put up soon to remind volunteers to turn the knob tight or perhaps the sign-board should read :- Watch out for Janooi, the aqua-cat!

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She still looks very young.
Video taken on 15-06-2008

SY said someone wanted to adopt her but after being told of her age, the person changed his mind. Will she ever find a home at her very mature age?


她不懂得吃干粮只能吃罐头食品。17 January 2000, 傍晚,大雨过后,她被李氏拯救而加入了猫的家庭。

现在,她的伤口开始痊愈,与Boh Keum和 Buja Boy 玩得很疯。

29 August 2000: 在Namly Animal Clinic注射疫苗及绝育。

26 September 2000: Janooi 在猫之家非常“八卦”(本地华人俚语“爱打听别人的事”)她紧跟着义工们,看着他们把粪便从三个大桶內舀出。水特别令她着迷,她将会坐近水 桶旁边看着水从水管流入桶里,或用后脚站立喝着从水龙头流出来的水,我很惊讶水在她的脑海中激起了什么记忆。水被发现在义工离开后,怀疑是Janooi, 她用后脚站立,用身体磨擦而转开了水龙头。