A caregiver who first spotted this cat 6 months ago, said she was probably just abandoned then as she was hiding in a drain, shivering and frightened. She was wearing a blue collar.
Today, another caregiver who first spotted her a few weeks ago, met her again today. The collar was dirty by now and was removed. She was so friendly that he decided to put her in a cattery for a chance of finding a good home where she will be cared for in health and in sickness, until she exhales her last breath in utter contentment.

Estimated DOB: 16-12-2006

Temperament: very affectionate

Breed: BSH-mix
BSH=The British Shorthair

She will be sent to the vet for vaccination and to check is she was already sterilised, even though she is untipped.

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Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2008 8:23 PM


Its been a couple of hours since we brought her back. We’ve re-named her Socks actually, because of her 4 white paws. 🙂

Socks is doing well. She ate and drank already and is very comfortable with us.
Lazing around the house.

My only concern now is toilet training her, which we’re trying now.

But alls well so far, we’ll keep you guys posted.


23-07-2008 sms update: “She is doing well. Eating and all. But she has not poo since saturday. Am monitoring to see if she is constipated. But other then that, she seems like a rather old cat. Not that it matters :)

We are bringing her to the vet in the next few days because we wanted her to settle in at home first. She is homely. Doesn’t run out of the flat.”