This late afternoon, SY was with some cats from the cattery to consult Dr Robin Au when she sms-ed that my yoga teacher, Shamla, was there with a semi-paralysed kitten she found on the streets.
Later SY sms-ed that the kitten was diagnosed with fracture of a fore-limb and pelvis. She decided to bring the injured kitten home to care.

6.56pm “The paralysed cat is named Sunshine. Fracture of left fore leg and pelvis. I am bringing her home tonight.”

9.45pm: conversation via phone: SY said the injuries were consistent with being hit by a car. She is about 6-month-old with a beautiful face. She was able to urinate on her own but not able to stand. She might need a pin-and-plate surgery for the shoulder fracture later.
Please contact us if you would like to lighten the financial load of the rescuer (sponsorship can be cheques written to the name of the vet clinic).