From Mettacats Facebook

“UPDATE 18 July 08

This is confirmed wounds from a cat fight. Managed to net him & already sent to the James Tan vet. The injury is really bad that has become very un-alert & tired. Just lying almost immobile. The wound has also started to smell & fester, possibly a little maggoty. But need to wait a while & will check with the vet again after the wound is fully tended to & to know the extent.

Hopefully is just a normal wound without any serious infection or lingering problems. Then will try to get him out of hospital to be fostered somewhere asap.”

UPDATE 20 July 08

I’ve started calling him ‘Bob’ . He’s an old cat around my workplace who is frequently fed by a worker. I do keep an eye out for him, but never really needed to interfere in his well-being until this happened.

Fortunately, there are no secondary issues with his injury. But it’s deep & very large, so it needs intensive care until it covers up more. Hopefully he can be discharged soon, however it really depends on the vet’s assessment again in due time. It’s expected to be more than 1 week at least. Have to see his rate of progress. His wound is also in a very sensitive spot, making it hard to tend to him as he will snap in pain. Furthermore, his head movement may also re-open the wound or scrape against it, hampering recovery.

I have started to look for an experienced foster to take care of him upon discharge. Really need an experienced one as Bob is not too friendly & will be constantly trying to escape. His painful wound is also going to make him hard to handle. Hope someone

UPDATE 21 July 08

Just found out Bob is FIV. That means his recovery will be even slower.

Some of you have asked to visit him, I don’t mind, but in truth it’s really better not to. The JT vet usually does not allow visitors to their confinement area unless it’s a very serious case & will bring the animal out. He’s a street cat & not used to confinement & very skittish now with his injury. He is already in constant fear now. It will be just additional stress to him with the handling & again the chance of aggravating his wound with the struggling.

I will try to put more pictures of him by tonight. Got an estimate from the clinic the cost is $300+ at the moment. Not exceeding $400 yet..

But most critical now as I need to find an experienced foster. They are around but could be too busy or some reason just cannot do it. Please help to ask around.

UPDATE 23 July 08

A friend offered to help keep track of the contributions. Can all further donators whom i have not given a PM refer to him instead. He will keep & update the total list. I’ll transfer the those already in my list now to his. Else hard to keep track both sides. Will keep this thread just for status updates. Thanks

UPDATE 24 July 08

These are updated pictures. He is still very tensed & frightened. Being a cat roaming the streets for many years, it will be very difficult for Bob to adapt to captivity. From the one below, the wound around the neck is obvious & has stitches. FIV positive cats heal very slowly & the wound will be very hard to close. Hopefully everything goes smooth, without the wound opening up again. Else it will have to be stitched again.

The biggest issue now is where to foster him. He can be discharged very soon but I’m trying to find a skilled foster who will be able to clean his wounds and care for him. That will be the best in balancing cost and welfare. Technically it is very good to stay at the clinic but then the cost will be very high as he may well be there for 2 months.

UPDATE 28 July 08
He is now in the recovery process. Fortunately nothing dramatic happened. The wound on his neck is healing very slowly. This picture is immediately after his operation when he is completely relaxed. Right now, his wound is still gaping, as the earlier pictures show and not fully closed yet.

We can’t release him as he may stretch open the wounds again or get them infected. So we are desperately looking for a foster to take care of him as it is very costly to leave him in hospital. Needs to be experienced as it will be tricky handling him and his wounds need to be cleaned.