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Sometime in January 2000, Jambala became very sick and she lapsed into a coma, with eyes rolled up and mouth foaming. Prayers were read and reiki was given to ease the departure to the next realm. She was unconscious for a day and a half. One morning at about 5.30 am., she woke up and started to “slap” the rest of the feline companions. She is now residing at the mettacattery and is very intelligent when it comes to asking for “wet” cat food.

jambala1103Jambala at the Metta Cattery on 11th March 2000

8th August 2002
Sharon wrote :
Problems: lethargic;poor appetite;housecall by Dr Ang revealed ulceration & gingivitis.
Treatment: teeth scaling done;medication for ulcers given
Medication: if ulcers recur, to give prednisolone
Cost: $103.00 (incl GST)

18th July 2003: Jambala underwent dental scaling at the Animal Clinic, Clementi

Jambala, a hearing-impaired longtime resident of MettaCattery from MettaCats on Vimeo