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UPDATE 11 Aug 08

Bob is on the road to recovery thanks to the help & care of the volunteers at the cattery. His wound has almost dried up & stitches may be removed in a few weeks. See his video below:

Once he’s completely healed, He will be let at his usual place….this cat love his freedom too much already and already 10 yrs on the streets so must let him go back on the streets

The place he is was is a factory area and the people there are mostly cat/dog lovers so as long as they are there, he should be safe

besides he has only a few more years at most (considering the natural lifespan of a cat)….he’s a strong cat and has endured a lot of suffering and has toughened up a lot coz he has lived as a stray out on the streets for such a long time….we’re just trying to make his last few years as comfortable as we can for him.