Metta Meditation with a Kitten

Extract “Mindfulness, Bliss, and Beyond” (A Meditator’s Handbook) by Ajahn Brahm Page 66 “I prepare myself for metta meditation by grounding my mindfulness in the […]

Behind the Scenes at MettaCats….

A handful of volunteers clean the cattery, feed the cats and dogs, provide medication, provide loving tenderness Siew Ying dropping by, sometimes several times a […]

Update on Bob

sms from SY: “Bob ok to touch so today will take out the balance of the stitches. Gave him oral Flagyl and powdered the wounds. […]

Please help the Metta Cattery if you can

From I made a visit to the Metta Cattery on Sunday, it has been 6 long years since my last trip there. It was […]