A handful of volunteers clean the cattery, feed the cats and dogs, provide medication, provide loving tenderness

Siew Ying dropping by, sometimes several times a day, to see if cats and dogs are all right, to medicate and to do dressing of wounds.

Staying late in the night, sometimes with his son, to care for cats and dogs that are unwell, to provide medication, to provide comfort.

Sending cats and dogs to the vet for sterilisation and for illnesses.

Answering calls for help.

Taking stock of food and other usables and ordering.

Getting repair people now and then as the cattery is now 10 years’ old.

Accepting that some people who brought in cats or dogs, “conveniently” forget to pay boarding fees.

Dealing with people who are critical when asked to pay boarding fee amounting to just a fraction of private boarding facilities.

Dealing with nasty neighbours who are no better than hooligans churning out dogs from dog mills.