Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2008 10:08 PM

She’s doing great, getting rather fat i must say. Very very greedy and vocal. But very likable cat. i haven downloaded my pictures but once i do i can send you some pictures of her.

Only problem is she is very scared and hostile towards other animals, which is something i wanted to seek your advice actually.

We’re expecting a puppy in December, a fren of mine will be shipping us her puppy from Australia. It’ll be a fox terrier pup, about 3 months old.

Socks’s behaviour towards animals is that she’ll hiss very loudly, look as though she wants to attack the animal, but then turns tail and runs away to hide.

Can you advise if a mature cat like socks can be taught to make frenz with a young pup? I’m concerned for both. I dun want the pup to get badly scratched everytime it goes near the cat, neither do i want socks to keep hiding and living in fear.

Actually i dun need them to be frenz, I just hope to get them to live quietly side by side without provoking each other. That was how my previous cat and dog lived. They didn’t like each other but neither did they fight.

Appreciate any advice. 🙂


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