This tabby girl (sterilised) is still sleeping under cars

This ginger-boy now sleeps on a comfortable king-size bed!

However we as human beings have the ability to make a choice. To be passive and leave things to fate, karma or an almighty, or to take an active role in making the environment for a community cat as safe as possible?

This include sterilising the cats, educate feeders on responsible feeding, show public affection for the community cats, educate children on how to approach a cat safely, volunteer with one’s town council to help look into any complaint about cats, support the catwelfare society by becoming a member, form a network with other residents concerned about the welfare of community cats, write to the press to express support for TnRm, appeal for removal of the ban on cats in HBD flats, and to appeal to the government to restore the “stray cat rehabilitation scheme” so that more community cats can be sterilised as fast as possible. Tolerance and even appreciation of community cats definitely come when there are less cats after TnRm kicks in. Look out for owners of cats and appeal to them to be responsible by keeping their cats indoor and getting them sterilised.

So there are a lot that one can do to change “fate”. Their future is dependent on how much we want to do for them NOW.