Soft as a caress, pretty as a picture, Imee’s appearance and personality belie the tragedy that changed her life. Like most strays , she was impregnated early. While late into her pregnancy, she was attacked by four stray dogs who cornered her and made her the butt of their aggression.

The commotion caught the attention of Trischia who together with her friend Pushpa fended off the dogs and rescued Imee from under the car. She was a sorry mess, drenched with rain and blood. The main injuries were on her legs and tummy.

The result was Imee lost her litter of four as her injuries were too extensive to save any of them. Her medical bills were funded by Trischia and Pushpa, who again did not hesitate to save her, this time by giving her the best medical attention they could afford.

While good vet care took care of her physical injuries, Imee went through a period of grieving for her babies. While hospitalised, she would reach out to offer succour to any kitten who is meowing.

A month later, Imee is well on the mend. Her wounds are fully healed and the fur around them is growing back beautifully. Gentle, affectionate, quiet and calm, Imee has the makings of a well-adjusted domesticated pet. Being loved is very important to her and she is happiest when being stroked and patted.

On 17th August 2002, Imee came to reside in Metta Cattery. She is neutered and completely litter trained. She has good table manners and eats delicately. No stranger to baths, she extends her full co-operation at such sessions when most other cats would find them trying

If you want a ready-made pet, think Imee. If you admire qualities of courage and strength in adversity, this is a cat you will proud to call your own..

Imee’s stay at Metta Cattery was sponsored by Trischia.

Update from Salie: 9th September 2002

Just to let you know that Imee has found a new love in the cattery. And she is a fierce babe too you know.

She actually attacked Peggy & Whiskie when these two tried to get close to her kids. But when OLIVER went near, she let it be. It seems that Oliver is protecting the kids too. Ha! What a big family… Oliver stayed in the cubicle most of the time.”

Update from Caroline: 17th December 2002

Thanks so much to the four of you for bringing Imee round last night. She was quite nervous after you left but still very friendly. Later that night we shut her in the kitchen with her bed, sandbox & food but I think she was scared & lonely as she sang to us for a lot of the night. We visited her a couple of times for a quick stroke, which she appreciated. She has spent most of today sleeping or exploring. She is very friendly with us if we approach her but she’s also still nervous and wary of all the new noises around her. She spends a lot of time in inaccessible places like under beds and she’s particularly frightened of anyone opening the front door.

She’s a very intelligent cat and has worked out who the most important person is in the house – Nilmini, our maid, is the one who gets most of her attention as she’s the one who spends her time washing fish, cooking chicken etc. Imee has used her sandbox once, but still not passed motion. We have bought some canned food ‘coz we thought she might need more moisture for a while.

She’s a beautiful, gentle cat. Thanks for introducing her to us.

Update from Caroline: 9 January 2003

Imee is doing very well. She has her mad moments – once every morning & once every evening, when she tears around the flat, attacking anything that moves. She has ruined 4 toy mice already and we have had to glue her scratching post back together twice. Luckily, she usually sticks to ruining her toys and the scratch post rather than the furniture. She’s very affectionate, spending every evening close to us (usually on the corner of my skirt so I can’t move my legs). She isn’t scared when we have guests – we’ve had so many visitors & parties over Christmas and she just struts around as though she’s another one of our guests. She’s decided the windows are not a good idea, but she always tries to investigate the lift lobby when anyone opens the front door.

The main problem is that she has worked out that we are softies! She loves lying on our bed, but with Larry’s asthma, we can’t allow it. No amount of shouting, clapping will get her to move, and when you try to lift her off, she goes floppy and digs her claws in the covers so you can’t lift her off!

My friends tell me to get a water spray for when she’s naughty.

Anyway – we would like to take her to the vet for a once-over check and to clean the mites from her ears (she struggles too much for me).


RIP Imee, February 6, 2011