Dkarma, a resident of Mettacattery since 1999, is on the way to the vet for swelling of the left face.

Sponsoring of this senior cat’s vet fees will help to lighten the financial burden on the volunteers.

1300hrs, update from Siew Ying
“Dkarma was seen by Dr Kenneth Ong. He felt Dkarma was very senior and at risk of adverse reaction to general anaesthetics. Injection and medication were administered. The swelling could also be due to cancer.”

Despite the swelling, Dkarma is still able to eat and she is not in pain. She will be given more personal care from now and she will be ensured physical and mental comfort till her last breath.

Dkarma’s vet fees have been sponsored.

25th May 2009, 8pm, update from SY: “The abscess has burst spontaneously and Dkarma did not protest to gentle flushing with normal saline. She is also eating and taking the antibiotic. The face is now less distorted.”