This chihuahua was found by a lady at Chartwell Drive, Serangoon Gardens on 24th June 2009. Siew Ying responded to her call for help as the lady other dogs that were not receptive to the chichuahua. One of her dogs is Milo, a local dog, adopted from MettaCattery.

The chihuahua, who was skinny, has diarrhoea and was wobbly on the hind-legs, was admitted to the nearby Pet Clinic, under the care of Dr Robin Au.
Please help to support the care of this chihuahua, aptly called Chartwell by sponsoring the vet fees and best of all, to find a permanent home for him once he is recovered.

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10-07-2009, 7.30pm, update from SY, “Good news. The lady who found Chartwell outside her house, saw a lost dog poster and contacted the owner who lives at Carisbrooke Grove. This chihuahua is 12 years of age (has cataracts) and is called Nikki. The owner’s aunt will meet Siew Ying at Pet Clinic tomorrow to collect Nikki and hopefully settled the bill as well.