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  • 17th April 2004: Jam was sterilised and vaccinated at Allpets & Aqualife Clinic.
  • 21st April 2004: Jam was vaccinated against Rabies in Clinic for Pets.
  • 2nd May 2004: Jam was sent to a Pet Hotel before being whisked off to Toronto on the 6th of May

Jam is home in Canada – 8 May 2004

Hi Gang at mettacattery,

Just wanted to let you know Jam and I have arrived Toronto safe and sound.

I will send you photos soon once I’ve recovered from jet lag. Jam however does not appear to have jet lag and is doing wonderfully!

Talk to you soon,


Jam’s Latest Photos in Canada – 21 May 2004

Here are the latest photos of Jam. He is doing very well.

Please relay to Siew Ying that Jam’s cold has cleared up and he is looking fabulous! He is getting lots of love from our family and will get to meet his new brothers this weekend. (Ming the cat, and Max the mini dachshund).

We have been keeping them apart until Jam adjusts to his new environment and also recovers from his cold. So Jam has been staying in our master bedroom.

As you can see in one of the photos, Jam likes to sleep in a rattan trash bin that we have in the bathroom. So of course, we do not use if for trash any longer.

Jam’s Latest Update in Canada – 7 June 2004

Jam is doing wonderfully.

I have updated the photo album and will send you the link to view new photos. Jam and Ming (our other cat) and Max the puppy are all the best of friends now. I think Jam is very happy in his new home. He appears to be very content.

Please give my best to Siew Ying.

Best regards,


(13 September 2010 ): Jam and Ming