Background: 6th October 2009,a “new” cat was found seated on this metallic seat at 6.30am. She was “untipped”! She was very hungry, eating almost 3 small cans of “Fussie Cat”. Totally trusting, she allowed her nails to be trimmed and ears cleaned without resistance.
She is estimated to be between 1 to 2 years of age.

Who threw her out? Why?

She is now boarded and has been scheduled for sterilisation by Dr Kenneth Tong of AAVC. She will be vaccinated and will be litter-bin trained.

A Mynmar lady named her “Nyo-Nyo”, meaning “Brown”. She has a long straight tail.

Video clips were taken at about 7am and there was a heavy downpour.

Her front “feet” are all ready to knead on a guardian who never dump her out of a home and a heart!

Estimated DOB: 28-02-2008

Sterilised and vaccinated: 07-10-2009

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