Rosy-J and her sister were rescued by Joan from under a vehicle’s tyre in Outram Park.
A large piece of skin was ripped off from Rosy-J’s sister and Joan is caring for her at home.

Rosy-J was hospitalised in a vet’s clinic. Xray showed a crack in the skull.
Now she is unable to coordinate her limbs and the slightest noise will make her cry loudly.
The vet said that she needed oxygen after each “seizure” and concluded that “better off to “pts”.

SY took over the care from yesterday.
Vet gave instruction for an anti-seizure medication to be squeezed into her rectum after each seizure.

Diluted AD was fed to her and also milk (meant for cats) was fed through feeding bottle.

Each time when she makes noise, she was carried and she would calm down right away.
She is also responding to Reiki.

Rosy-J might need acupuncture later.

Rosy-J 和她的姐妹被Joan从Outram Park的一车辆的轮胎救出。
Rosy-J须要入住兽医诊所。 Xray 显示骨头中有裂缝。
昨天SY 接手照顾她。
稀释的 AD和奶使用瓶子喂她(猫的食物)。

Rosy-J 迟些可能需要针灸。