8:18am, sms from SY

“Rosy passed away in her sleep early this morning.
Her last feed of 15ml of milk was at 3.15am.

When I got up at 7.30am, her body was already hardened.

She looked like she was in deep sleep.”

Blogger’s comments: “May Rosy-J stir more people to be aware of the plight of abandoned kittens. Please help to stop abandonment by encouraging owners to have their home cats sterilised and to inform them of the sufferings of abandoned cats and kittens such as Rosy-J and Nicha.

The “REAL” cause of Rosy-J’s death is ABANDONMENT. May the owners who abandoned Rosy-J and Nicha get to read this and regret what they have done. May they resolve never to abandon any more cats and kittens they may still have in their home and to have them all neutered.”

8:18am, sms from SY


Blogger的评论: “Rosy-J能否激起更多的人了解被人遗弃的小猫的困境。请帮助制止遗弃的小猫,鼓励主人为家猫绝育,并告知被遗弃的猫和小猫所遭受的痛苦,如Rosy-J 和 Nicha的遭遇。