Found on 04-12-2009 at 7.30am

No record of this dog at the SPCA (photo and video have been emailed to the SPCA on 04-12-2009). Unable to get through the AVA line (1800-476-1600) and there is no response to message left on the AVA phone line. Announcement is made in the press for Saturday and Sunday. So far, only one caller but his lost JFR has the brown patch around the right eye. One sms-ed to indicate the wish to adopt if no one claims.

05-12-2009, update from SY, “Filly is young. Teeth very good. Scanned but no microchip detected.”


Christina updates on 05-12-2009, 17:52pm “Filly is extremely well-behaved! Never bark and small size :). Can rename her Baby Aiko, meaning “Little Love One or Child” in Japanese?”

Plan: On 08-12-2009, Filly or Baby Aiko will be brought to the vet for a physical that includes heartworm test and an ultrasound to check if she is already spayed. If she is not spayed, she will be boarded at the vet clinic for the surgery. There-after, if there is still no owner, a good home will be found for her.

An “anonymous” volunteer has pledged to sponsor the sterilisation fees.

Please contact us if you wish to sponsor her other vet fees (heartworm test, vaccination, deworming, a physical examination, etc) and her boarding fees.