8:18am, mms “Now she’s able to climb up to the second level of the cage to watch the rest playing :)”

Background: (from SY) – Rescued from a temple, hence her name Tempy. She is about 2.5 to 3.0 months’ 0ld. Very small build. Fantastic character – loves human. You just need to call her and she will purr!
Her front leg adjoining the shoulder blade was injured but has healed. There is no open wound.
She is black and has a short tail.
Very independent.
Loves can-food.
Loves soft toys.
Was sneezy when we found her.
She loves to sit up like a kangaroo 🙂
Easily contented.

Estimated DOB: 09-09-2009

Uses litter-bin

Vaccination: pending

From: “Moone Yip”
Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 9:54 AM
Subject: Update on Tempy

Hello dear friends,

Just a note to update on Tempy. She’s blooming under the care and love of SY. Fractured leg is also on the mend. SY says she’s really adorable and is most happy when in the company of SY and her son.

Last Fri, Ron and I visited the cattery in Pasir Ris and made friends with the many kitties and doggies there. The passion and dedication of Siew Ying and her volunteers to our furry friends in need left us totally in awe. We are very very touched and the visit simply made our day !

Thank goodness for kind selfless folks like you guys ! Bless you all !