3.40pm, sms from SY to potential adopter
“Hi, I’ve been trying to get a good shot of him but never succeeded in doing so because he’s hyperactive. He’s been having loose motion for last 2 days. I am giving him some holistic medication. Can I send him over next Sunday? He’s been trying to eat semi-solid food but still not able to chew properly. I guessed this contributed to the loose stool. Will make sure he’s easy to be handled before I pass over to you. He is lean and small, not like big sister, Omi :)”

“你好,我一直试图为他拍张美丽的照片,但不成功,因为他太过活跃。他的粪便连续2天松软。我给他喂食 药物治疗。下星期日,我可以送他给你吗?他一直在尝试吃半固体食物,但仍然无法好好的咀嚼。我猜这造成他的粪便松软。会确保他易于处理后才交给你。他瘦, 小,不像大姐姐,Omi:)“