SY wrote:
“Someone sent Deena to us when she was about 3 months ago – very skinny and she kept looking down.

Kibbles and wet food always went untouched.

I decided to bring her home.

Then I realised she was blind and deaf 🙁

I managed to train her to use the poo bin and I put all her food bowls in the same position and she can manage well.

We use very shallow porcelain plates.

She’s a fat girl now and loves to be “sayang“.

She took over Tempy s cage where there are long-legged soft toys and a tiny teddy bear.

During the last few days she started playing with the toys.

she should be about 5 months old.

Can’t imagine if I have not taken her in. Both her eyes are intact and look normal but no vision.”

SY wrote:
“有人将三个月大的Deena交给我时, 她很瘦小和一直低着头。
给她Kibbles和潮湿的食物始终不曾动过,我决 定带她回家,并意识到她又盲又 聋。我设法训练她使用沙盆和把所有的碗放在同一位置,使 她可以容易使用。
我们用很浅瓷盘。她是个胖女孩, 现在喜欢“疼爱”。她接手Tempy 的笼子有长脚的软玩具和小玩具熊。这几天, 她开始玩玩具了。
无法想象,如 果我没有把她带回家的后果。她的眼睛都完好, 外表正常, 但没有视觉。

3.29pm mms from SY
“Deena平时 都闭着眼睛,现在终於睁开了。