SY’s sms
“Named him Felix. Feeder (elderly lady) found him at blk 220B Bedok Central. He has to drag the hind legs, not neutered. collected him abt 8.30 pm last evening He is not eating and not drinking. He doesn’t allow to touch his back. Will bring him to the vet.”

“Punctured wound on left front leg.”

“I think he’s in pain, but never made any noise at all.”

12.30pm, “Felix is very frustrating not able to walk, messed up the whole sleeping area n shredded the newpapers which we used to line the cage. He hisses at other cats.”

At the vet clinic:

Photo album

28-03-2010, 3pm, Seen by Dr Robin Au of Pet Clinic
– grossly distended bladder and no sensation on his hind limbs. Bad signs of spinal cord damage.
– he is admitted for drainage of his bladder, Xrays, and medications for pain relief and reduction of inflammation the injured part of the spinal cord.

Felix’s very trusting temperament indicates he was once a home pet. Who and why he was dumped to survive in our urban wilderness we will never know.

A few months ago, Felix appeared suddenly in one lady feeder’s area and he went missing before he could be brought to the vet for neutering.

Last night he was found by another lady feeder about 800metres away from where he was seen seen. He is very docile and hence it would be easy for someone to carry him that distance.
His hair appeared to be shorn. Who did it and why?
There are multiple bite marks on his body and limbs. Who bit him and what bit him?

He is now paraplegic, likely from a severe spinal injury. How? Who? Why? We will never know.

He will be send for acupuncture treatments with Dr Oh Hock Soon at Mt Pleasant Vet Hospital (Whitley Road) once his condition stabilises.

The caregiver who found him is elderly and unable to afford to pay for his vet treatment, so if you would like sponsor Felix’s vet fees, please contact us if you would like to help. (sponsorship will be cheques made out to the vet clinic or sponsoring food for Felix and the other cats in the cattery).