From this (23-01-2010), dumped into an industrial area’s car park, this frightened kitten was seen here with an adult cat called Houdini (who was trapped and neutered on 11-11-2008) who had gone missing since 13-03-2010.

to this today!

He has regained his trust of human beings and is ready to go to a good home!

27-03-2010, SY’s sms, “Lang is very playful, initially he was scared so we put him in a single tier cage, he created a mess, then we changed him to 2 tiers cage, he also messed up, so now we let him out to the common area, no mess from him so far but loves to run fast n tap on others back. Cheeky boy :)”

28-03-2010, 4.30pm, “Relaxing, trying to find out what s up at the fishery! 🙂 ”

With Semba, his best friend, at Acacia Vet Clinic where both were neutered on 12th August 2010

DOB (estimated): 28-10-2009

Uses litter-bin

Vaccination: 24-01-2010 (Pet Clinic)

Sterilised: 12th August 2010 (Acacia Vet Clinic)