6.34pm, sms from Siew Ying,
“Robin was groomed at Loving Pets this afternoon. Groomer/Serene praised him, he s such a good boy, thru out the bathing session he kept purring. John n Danielle were home to receive him this late afternoon. Robin started eating the moment John dished out the kibbles n water. He s really at home. John said we are always welcome to visit Robin 🙂 “

6.34pm, Siew Ying简讯,

“今天下午Robin在Loving Pets修饰。饰理师和Serene赞扬他是一个好孩子,洗澡时会不断发出声响。
这傍晚John n Danielle把他接回家。Robin 开始吃John取出kibbles和水。
John说: 我们随时欢迎来拜访Robin:) “

John and Robin

Robin having kibbles in his new home!