Read about Felix, the cat with the spinal injuries and is now paraplegic.

Acupuncture with Dr Oh Hock Soon starts tomorrow at Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre (2008) Pte Ltd, 232 Whitley Road 297824, tomorrow (4th April 2010) at 9.30am.

明天早上(4th April 2010) at 9.30 于Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre (2008) Pte Ltd, 232 Whitley Road 297824,Dr Oh Hock Soon 为它使用针灸治疗。

Dr. Oh Soon Hock

领域 :传统中医药博士Dr. Oh Soon Hock,或简称“Dr. Oh”,有时认为是一种矛盾现象,执业西方兽医和传统中医 - 往往使用在同一时间,同一病人的。 他不仅得国立台湾大学兽医学学士,但他也有资格执业针灸和中药。Dr. Oh 也是新加坡中医学院的医师(人类)。 他已率先在新加坡动物园克制使用化学药剂,以及使用传统中医治疗动物和人类。


Dr. Oh Soon Hock

Profession: Veterinarian/Physician

Field: Traditional Chinese Medicine Dr. Oh Soon Hock, or “Dr. Oh” for short, is sometimes regarded as a paradox, practicing both Western veterinary medicine and traditional Chinese medicine — often at the same time on the same patient. Not only does he have a bachelor of veterinary medicine from the National Taiwan University, but he is also qualified to practice acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Oh is a physician at the Singapore Traditional Chinese Medical College (for humans). He has pioneered immobilization, or chemical restraint, of animals at Singapore Zoo, as well as using traditional Chinese medicine for treating both animals and humans.