From SY’s sms-es
“Last nite heard about a female dog that was sexually abused by a elderly man at Chua Chu Kang, this thing has been going on for long time. Feeders couldn’t find evidence to get the police in. Other older dog is in bad shape was taken in by Pet Villa.Now this younger dog I will take her in. Today Mohan is helping to transfer her to MC. This old man is very sick!!! I will forward you pics once she s in.”

“The dog came in already. Mohan, Muthu and Romeo went there trying to catch that fellow but he didn’t appear today.”

“The sexually abused dog still cannot poo, Mohan said got to monitor closely cos’ the older dog got faeces stuck and anus badly inflammed and got to send down to vet to treat.

I couldn’t get good pics cos’ she’s black n kept moving around.
One of the feeder and wife came to visit her yesterday evening. She seemed to be more settled after seeing them 🙂

Our bunch of rascals kept barking at her.

The feeder went to make a police report but as usual, no human harmed therefore no action done, which I already anticipated…..sigh! The police constable there said no evidence! No witness!”

“This is Mary the CCK abused dog, she started eating n also poo, she’s very shy.”

Sterilisation status: Spayed by a caregiver called Mr Ong

DOB (estimated): 28-08-2008)

Temperament: very shy but very very affectionate

If you would like to visit Mary with view of
1) Adopting (==> best outcome for Mary)
2) Sponsoring her vet care (she is already spayed but will need a heartworm blood test to beput on heartworm prophylaxis)
3) Sponsoring her food and perhaps for the other rescued animals as well