This “rare” ginger girl (gingers are mostly males) was found wandering in a HDB estate on Easter Monday (5th April 2010). She is absolutely trusting of human and her own species, indicating that she was born in a home with human and cats! Who abandoned her and why, we will never know!

SY mms “Look at how she sleeps. So comfy. All stretched out :)”

“Easter playing with Nu-Nu 🙂
All the older cats avoiding her as she will attack their tails! 🙂
Here, she puts her arms round Nu-Nu’s neck.”

这种“罕见”姜色雌性猫(姜色大多是男性,)星期一(2010年4月5 日)被发现在复活节于组屋区徘徊。 她是绝对信任的人以及她自己的同类,这表明她是生活在人类和有猫的家庭里! 谁遗放弃了她,我们永远不会知道!

秀 燕简讯“看看她是怎么睡觉。多舒服。全部伸出:)”


所有年龄较大的猫都避开她, 因为她会攻击它们的尾巴! :)