Day 01 of Litter-Bin training: Rain already uses the litter-bin! 01如厕培训:Rain已经会使用的沙盘!

09-May-2010 9.58pm, mms from SY
“Rain settled in well at MC. Loves chicken fillet.”

“Rain is so handsome!”

“Rain’s poo”
“Rain uses the litter-bin!”

His story….

Monday, May 3, 2010:Rain: a Persian cat wishes for a good safe home that will never abandon him again


…. after 4 days in the car park. Black oil stains all over his back.

It’s an unsterilized male. His teeth look good so I think he should be quite young.

He is a big cat, look at those big paws… but not much flesh under all that fur…. he felt very light when I picked him up.

May 2, ’10 12:59 AM

“A beautiful White Persian… but this is how he looks after 3 days at the car park! He had a newish looking collar with bell… which I took off. Very tame and trusting… so sad!

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Helga named him “Rain”

Neutered at Pet Clinic on 04-05-2010

DOB (estimated): 08-01-2008

Tuesday, May 4, 2010: Rain neutered today

Helga named him “Rain”

Read about Rain…

Neutered at Pet Clinic on 04-05-2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010:Rain vaccinated today

Vaccinated today at Pet Clinic
He is discharged for a period of training to use the litter-bin before he goes to a permanent home (that needs to mesh up the rest of grills in the home.)

09-May-2010 9.58pm, mms from SY


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…. 4天在停车场。 他的背部沾满黑色的油渍。

它是一只未绝育的雄猫。 他的牙齿看起来很好,所以我觉得他应该是很年轻。

他是一只大猫,看看那大爪子… 皮毛下没有多少肉,…. ,当我把他抱起来时觉得他很轻。


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Helga为他取 名”Rain”

今天在 宠物诊所接种疫苗