Mikho completed his short journey at 6.30am, bringing along wonderful imprints of loving-kindness (metta) Mikho 在六时三十分走完他短暂的一生,带着美好和仁爱。(慈悲)

6.34am,sms from SY, “Mikho just left :(“

“Nu Nu & Mun Mun paying last respect.”

The kindness that Mikho experienced:

Paws&Skizzy” from Australia who contributed to his vet fees.

Cyndi Makiko

Jezebel Chan

and all the people who were concerned for him and are right now sending him positive vibrations in the forms of prayers and thoughts of love.

6.34am,秀燕简讯, “Mikho刚走了。:(
” Nu Nu & Mun Mun给最后的敬礼”。
Cyndi Makiko和Jezebel Chan

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