Story of Star (extract from Susan Tan’s facebook)

21 April at 01:27 :
This is Star, the first cat I made friends with when I first came back from the US back then. Always chirpy and so warm, easing my struggling unsettling mind then. Without fail , he greeted me whenever he saw me for the last 6 years.

Today he is fighting to move himself around – his hinds legs are suddenly useless. Vet …cant do anything, shelters are full. Please please let me know if you can or know how I can find shelter for Star while I find treatment for him. His will to live is still very very strong….

21 April at 23:28
Star is weaker now, just managing to rest on his side, but still has appetite and still greets you with the sweetest meow when you call out his name.

23 April at 00:11
Susan Tan Updates on Star: SY swing by to pick up Star this afternoon the moment she learns that I was at work. She washed him up good and managed to feed Star abit. Star will be seeing Dr Au tmw, we pray it is general weakness of course and that recovery is enroute from there. SY reported that Star has alot of mites on the fur …around his big tummy which I had been so silly not to realise at all. That must had taken a toll too. Star drools and foams abit still. So let’s pray it is not liver issues or water retentions in that big round stomach, which ironically had been an identifying feature of this sweet cat. SY and Mohan were such believers for life and rebooted my tired mind not to give up on Star just yet; the paralysis and increasing weakness may not instantly equates to no hope.

I will update again once we hear from Dr Au what is causing Star to collapse suddenly.

I am already so happy to learn that Star had a proper wash up compared to what we could do by washing him up with Sunkist bottles of water at void deck. Star likes to be clean, like all cats do 🙂

24 April at 01:00
UPDATE on Star: MMS from SY- “Hi, Star is hospitalised. Details of blood test will inform you tmw. She is anaemic could be due to lice, n abit dehydrated so will put on drip. She is so kwai, kept asking questions 🙂 ” Suddenly the exhuastion from a near 10-hr meeting is lifted as I walked out of office reading this 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

25 April at 03:53
Susan Tan likes this Update: Went to visit Star who is hospitalised at Serangoon. Star meowed immediately! Though still weak, Star made the attempts to sit up so I offered to carry her hind legs like before. She got up and wobbily inspected her cage – it must be strange for her to be indoor in a aircon place. Then she headed for… the food bowl and ate for a good 1.5 minutes!!!!!! When she got tired she made known she would like to lay down but facing the front of the cage now instead. I make ‘the bed’ for her, and pats her while talking to Star. Star purrrrrrrrs herself to sleep but remembers to give out her signature one syllabus soft soft meow and slept 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

26 April at 00:38
Susan Tan MMS Updates from SY today on Star:

“Gotcha! Difficult to catch a fully awake pics!” followed by “I sayang her. She went to zzzzzzz 🙂 ”

Life is so beautiful 🙂 : ):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

26 April at 00:42
Susan Tan video of Star purring and nudging, though still weak and laying on her sides, she is still as loving!

Video taken on Sat 24 April

29th April 2010

1st May 2010
Susan Tan UPDATES – with MMS from SY: Star is now discharged. SY brought Star to her first accupunture this afternoon. Star will have to go through a few sessions, we hope it will at least improve Star’s mobility. SY has also shaved Star’s fur around her lower back so that her pee and poo will not muck around, especially since Star is unable to move her lower half.

Please keep Star in prayers continuously!

Likely Star has Spondylosis (spinal osteoarthritis)

Star has his first acupuncture at Mount Pleasant Referral Clinic by Dr Oh Hock Soon on 1st May 2010 at 1pm

2nd May 2010: SY updates: “that the hind limbs of Star that were stiff or spastic before the acupuncture, has remained less stiff since the session. Star has more control of the hind limbs now.”

3rd May 2010, 6.50am: SYupdates, “Star is now eating well! She sleeps a lot cos she s comfortable on stack of bed sheets :)”

Star的故事 (摘录自Susan Tan’s facebook)

4 月27日 01: 27
这是Star,当我第一次从美 国回来后的第一个猫朋友。 总是那么的活泼和温馨,缓和正在挣扎和不安的情绪。过去的6 年,无论何时,他看见我都会欢迎我。
今天,他努力的自己 移动,-他的后脚突然无用处。 兽医…无能为力,庇护所都满额。 请让我知道是否能找到庇护所,我正寻找为他治疗的方法。 他的意志仍然是非常非常强的 … …。

四月二十一日在 23: 28
Star现在很虚弱,只在一边休息,但胃口仍很好,当我呼 唤他的名字时,仍然会用最甜美的声音向你打招呼。

四月二十三日 00: 11
Susan Tan对Star的更新:今天下午我在上班的时刻,SY去接Star。 她为他清理和喂他吃一点食物。明天,Star将会给Dr Au诊治,我们祈祷它只是一般的疾病和逐渐康复。 SY 说Star的大肚子周围生了很多螨虫,我竟然傻到没有发现这个问题。Star还会滴口水。 现在,让我们祈祷并不是肝的问题或水储存在大肚里,大的圆肚子讽刺性的标记在这只可爱的猫的身上。 SY 和Mohan是这样的热爱生命,让我疲惫的身心重燃对Star的信心 ; 麻痹和不断的衰弱不等于没有希望。

我会再次更新,当我们从Dr Au了解导致Star突然垮下来的原因。


四月二十 四日一点
Star的更新:SY的MMS -” Star住院。 明天知道Star的验血详细报告才通知您。 她的贫血可能是由于虱子造成,因为有点脱水而须要掉点滴。 她有很多要问的问题:) “将近10小时疲劳的会议后走出办公室,突然接收到这讯息::::::))))))

四月二十五日 03: 53
Susan Tan喜欢这更新: 去探访在实笼岗住院的Star。 她虽然虚弱,但立即向我meowed!仍然尝试坐起来,并愿意让我像以前执着她的后腿。 她起来和摇摆着检查她的笼子。它应该是奇怪她在冷气房内。 然后她驱向 … … 食盆和吃了 1.5 分钟!!!!!! 她疲倦的向笼子前面躺下。 我整理她的床铺,和拍她和她交谈。Star purrrrrrrrs 自己睡着了。

四月二十六日 00: 38
Susan Tan收到 SY 的 MMS 更新:
“Gotcha ! 难得拍到完全清醒的照片 !”跟着”我爱抚她。 她去 zzzzzzz:) ”
生 活就是如此美好::):::::

四月二十六日 00: 42
Susan Tan 录制Star的发出轰隆声和轻移录像,虽然仍虚弱和躺着,她仍然是那么可爱 !


1st April 2010å¹´
Susan Tan收到 SY 的 MMS 更新: 现在Star已出院。今天下午,SY带她去做第一个针灸治疗。她还会经历几个疗程,我们希望它至少会改善她的活动。 SY 已将她下半部分周围的毛剃掉,使她的尿和粪不弄脏周围,特别是由于Star还不能移动她的后脚。


Star 的第一次针灸是于2010年五月一日于Mount Pleasant Referral Clinic由Dr Oh Hock Soon治疗。
星 可能有 病 (脊柱骨关节炎)

2010年五月二日,SY 更新: ” 第一次针灸,Star的后脚还不能动或痉挛,现在,她更多的控制后脚”。

2010年五月二日,6.50分: SY更新,「Star现在吃得好 ! 她睡很多,因为她舒适的睡在一堆的床单上:)”