Bernard has a visitor this morning 今天上午,Bernard 的访客

mms from Morna,
“Yum Yum…after given some dog’s treats”

“To me bernard’s eyes r still full of life, he wants to live on. The only worry is will there be a kind soul 2 bring him home, give him the unconditional love; nurse n walk him. If tat can be done, Bernard is happy.”

mms from Morna,

“Yum Yum…给了一些狗粮后”

“对我来说,Bernard的眼睛仍旧充满生气,他要活下去。唯一担心的是会有人带他回家吗?给他无条件的爱,;照顾他,和他一起散步。如果可以做到,Bernard会很高兴。 “

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