mms from Mary Lim
“He is so comfortable, turning his body towards Betty.
Betty said Bernard has lots of pain at the lower body.
She will return weekly to volunteer her service.
I felt the heat energy channeled to him, it is indeed warm.
I have never seen Bernard so relaxed . Betty said acupuncture would be great.
Also dinner has been delivered by Bee Lian.”

mms from Mary Lim
我从没有看过Bernard这么的轻松,Betty说针灸对他和好。Bee Lian同时送来晚餐。

• 今天,Mary请了半天假陪Betty给Bernard做第一次的气功治疗。
• 每天,Bee Lian为他带来家里煮的高蛋白的食物。
• Dr Kong和工作人员,给与日常的专业护理。
• 人们赞助医药费。

If Bernard could speak, he would express his gratitude to so many people giving him the present “MIRACLE OF LOVE“:

  • Today Mary took half day leave to accompany Betty giving him his first session of Reiki.
  • Bee Lian for bringing home-cooked high protein food to him daily.
  • Dr Kong and staff for their daily tender loving professional care
  • People who sponsor the vet cost

In view of his age and multiple medical problems, Bernard’s prognosis is “guarded”.
However no effort is ever wasted on a motivation of unconditonal love for Bernard. We each do what we can for Bernard and every day that he experiences kindness and compassion, is a day worth living for Bernard. For every day that Bernard still breathes, there is still HOPE.