SY updates, “Maggie is home, she loves to sleep on cushion :)”

Maggie 在家里,她喜欢睡在垫子上:)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Please help to save Maggie 请帮忙挽救 Maggie

“This is Maggie @ Margot , so trusting although in great pain. “

“Maggie s arm : the white color stick is part of the bone, like a broken chopstick. 🙁 “

SY’ sms:
We just took over this cat from (certain *pts* place); look at the maggots infested fore leg!! Now admitted to Pet Clinic, she is dehydrated.

Full story (with location edited):

BL was at *pts* place, she saw someone surrendered a cat to (*pts* place) yesterday. This cat was inside a carrier on the way to vet to be accessed.

This condition sure to be pts. I told BL I will take her and will rush to Pet Clinic before it closes for the day.,

Once we transferred her into my car, she straight away started to groom herself. She could feel that we will not harm her.

At Pet Clinic, Dr. Au was able to lift her out from the carrier and put her on the table without much difficulty.

Dr. Au said he would clean up the wound and hydrate her first.

We saw some maggots surfaced.

Her infected arm may need to be amputated when her health permits.

Poor girl 🙁 “