Rain at Loving Pets counter.

SY updates
“Fur was so smooth so we didnt want to shave down, just bathed, manicured, cleaned ears n perfumed 🙂

At Loving Pets, so many admirers n he is super good with human. can leave him at the counter n he will just stay there 🙂 can be Mascot for any shop front.

Helga was right his patch of grey is from the car engine, now he s peach color, he looks like a CHINCHILA CAT! :)”

SY 更新

在Loving Pets,这么多的爱慕者,和人类的相处超好。 可以静静的留在柜台:) 可以成为任何店面的吉祥物。

Helga是对的,那灰色的一块是 来自汽车发动机的机油。现在是 桃的颜色,他看起来像一只 CHINCHILA CAT ! :)”