John and Robin

Update on Robin
John Ling ”Hi SY! We’re all doing really great thanks! We renamed Robin to Iko! Everyone keeps saying how much bigger and fatter he has gotten. He has his sweet routine daily and has even started talking to us more and more. Think it’s time for a diet though, all this premium food has spoiled his metabolism! I hope you’re doing well and that things at the cattery are going fine! Thanks for checking in! ”

John Ling”嗨秀燕!我们都很感谢!我们为Robin改名to Iko! 每个人都说他长得多么大只了,也胖多了。他每天都很可爱,甚至开越来越爱跟我们说话。虽然认为这是饮食的关系,这一切优质食品已宠坏了他的新陈代谢!希望 你和猫之家的运作都很好!感谢! ”