Agnes Meurzec Tempy has been sterilised yesterday and is recovery peacefully….. she is loved and cuddled as part of the recovering treatment

January 5, 2010:

Update on Temy and Mulan Temy 和Mulan的更新

Agnes Meurzec

Tempy is the copy of Mulan…. so cute to see them play together….

Agnes Meurzec Temy是Mulan的复制品….见他们一起玩好可爱…. 见他们一起玩好可爱

December 23, 2009

Maelle adopted Tempy 已被领养

4.29pm, mms from SY
“Moone and Ron went with me to send Tempy. Saw Mulan. She’s beautiful! Tempy was very comfy with Maelle carrying her. Very happy for Tempy & Mulan.”

4.29pm,秀燕mms “Moone 和Ron一起送Tempy交给领养者。 看到漂亮的Mulan。Tempy舒服的让Maelle抱着。 幸福的Tempy和 Mulan。

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