Bernard will need a Two-wheel K9 Carts Dog Wheelchair

Dog wheelchair provides walking or non-weight bearing rear limb support options as standard features. Especially useful for young animals with normal forelimb strength or animals with solely a hind limb disability. Custom-made for each pet. Fully adjustable
Several Indications:

* Disc Syndrome
* Rehabilitation
* Hip Dysplasia
* Degenerative Myelopathy
* Traumatic Injuries to Spine
* Amputation of Rear Limb
* Cruciate Repairs

Priced Per Pound: Starting at US$575 (for Bernard’s weight 126+LB)

Design Advantages
  • The only cart adjustable in height, length, and width for optimal fit to your pet.
  • Intrinsically balanced so that weight is NOT shifted to forelimbs.
  • Foot slings included with every cart for non-walking use.
  • High strength plastics, aluminum tubing, & sealed ball bearings provide for a lightweight, strong cart that will never rust!
  • Closed-cell foam padding for comfort allows easy cleaning.
  • Stable pelvic support that contours to pets body.
  • EVA foam-filled tires with heavy tread that will never go flat.
  • Removable leg ring harness standard for pets over 40 lbs.

More videos:

Esimated cost of the cart to be sent from the USA in about 10-14 days once payment is made, is about US$700.