From: K-9 Cart Company East
Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 3:17 AM

The picture and video of Bernard would suggest front and rear limb weakness. Bottom line means the need for a four-wheeled cart. Four wheel carts require lifting the animal into the cart inspite of having removal leg rings. This will increase the challenge for those caring for this big dog. Cost for a four wheel cart is 800.000. Shipping costs will be based on the size of the box. Therefore it is important to first be established if it is going to be a two wheeled (approx US$360-400 3 day UPS) or a four wheeled which will be determined after making the cart. Walking the animal with rear towel support gives a fair estimate of front limb strength. Please give us your ideas after reading this email.

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Measurements from Anthony, assisted by Mary

A = 68cm = 26.8in
B = 90cm = 35.4 in
C = 41 cm = 16.1 in
D = 82 cm = 32.3 in
E = 68 cm = 26.8 in
F = 26 cm = 10.2 in
G = 24 cm = 9.4 in
H =41 cm = 16.1 in
weight approx. 70kg = 155lb