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QQ,one of the persian-x cats, that learnt from Ah Chai, opened a cupboard, pushed out some items and nicely tug-in to sleep 😛

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Felix still at the vet clinic

Felix’s lower back wound is slowing healing. Surgery has to be carried out twice to remove necrotic tissues.

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Brightie transferred to MC today

Read about Brightie, the puppy who was suspected to be “chopped” with a cleaver on the back of her head. Was she meant for the cooking pot? mms from SY“Brightie at mc but dared not come out from the carrier. … Continue reading

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Photos taken by Jennifer on 17th August 2010. He was a “newbie” in the neighbourhood as the rest of the community cats were neutered, bearing a left tipped ear. This cat has a tight collar that a caregiver has removed. … Continue reading

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Jerry – tail slit by pen knife

This cat was abandoned in a market mall a few weeks ago. The feeder was awaiting a sterilisation slot through CWS to have him neutered but 2 days ago, someone informed the feeder that this cat was injured. She trapped … Continue reading

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Felix recovery at Pet Clinic

Felix – the wound much better 🙂 Felix’s lower back wound that underwent surgery (debridement) is healing. Please contact us if you would like to sponsor any amount of the vet fees (in the form of cheques to the vet … Continue reading

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Photo update of Nyo-Nyo

Nyo-Nyo’s adoption posting “Please! I am camera-shy!” Meditating From SY, “Nyo-Nyo: she has very special markings around her eyes, like squirrels 🙂 “

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Joy, from rehoming a rescued cat to a good home, is fuel in keeping rescue work going

From this frightened photo to this

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Star – in dreamland n sticks out her tongue :)

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mms from SY: “Star – after eating will curl up n sleep. whenever Terry calls her ‘Tar Tar’ she will answer ‘Eehh’ :)” Saved from a life of being a handicapped “stray” in Bedok North caused by an unknown condition … Continue reading

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