Email by Le-Ane


I am going to take some photos today, to upload onto the website, or send to you, whichever you prefer.
They are so cute. I have also been trying to socialise them with their outside world, so they are less ‘freaked out’. They are eating well, and very litter trained, no mistakes so far. They have also started to settle down, and are growing increasingly comfortable with handling (though they were never aggressive in the first place).
I bathed them yesterday, and there was no trouble at all. All were very cooperative. They have been flea-sprayed and dewormed too.
I will write a little note about each kitten and their personalities when I send in the photos, or send you the photos, whichever you prefer. They are sleeping now, so I will take the pics once they wake up. Little ones do need their rest, otherwise they won’t grow properly.