Without the kindness of some humans shown to cats such as Garpy, he would never have found a home. He would still be homeless in our urban wilderness where dangers lurk everywhere from unkind town council officers to psychotic cat-hating and cat-phobic human beings!
Garpy wants to help in his little way, the many once homelesss cats and dogs, now in MettaCattery, hoping that one day, they too will find the safe refuge of good homes.

Send your bid to mettacatsg@gmail.com
Bid closes at midnight of 17th October 2010 (Sunday)
Pay by internet transfer only upon receiving the item. Postage free (for ordinary mail) within Singapore.

13-10-2010, 10.30pm first bid by Chan $50

18-10-2010: Highest bid $70 by Pabble Ang (item to be posted)