Update from siew Ying:

The youngest puppy, Queenie, admitted to Pet Clinic yesterday afternoon semi – concious, having high fever.

Blood tests showed she was anaemic: blood reading was way out of range.

Dr Au’s vet technician called and said need to do blood transfusion immediately.

I gave permission to go ahead.

At 9.30 pm Marie called again, that Queenie is up eating AD 🙂

A few ppl called wanting to visit the Punggol 5 puppies; told them not to buy food n stuff for them but keep the money for the medical fee.

Hope Queenie will hv a speedy recovery. Me too!”

If you wish to sponsor any amount of Queenie’s vet fees, it will be cheque made out to “Pet Clinic Pte Ltd”. Please contact us to find out where to post the cheque to.