Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 12:19 PM

Patty and Lucy (formerly 2/3 of the Poppadum Kittens)

just thought to send you a picture of the girls taken in mid march.
they have since been sterilised, thanks for recommending dr kong.
we went with the clipped ears but theng (ben) immediately regretted it after seeing them after the operation.

patty is the tabby in front, i call her slinky and feisty.
and lucy is the calico at the back, super super manja, just like you predicted.

they are quite opposites, patty is so skinny people would think we never feed her, but super spirited. lucy is a big big girl, even though she eats less and is not as greedy as patty. is lizzie like that too? and lucy loves to weave between your legs as you walk, so we’re always having to be careful not to step on her. and she loves to go for your toes. patty’s tail used to have a bit of a kink in it but it’s more or less straighted out. lucy’s still kinky.

heard about the new extensions planned, it sounds wonderful. i remember when theng and i went down there and saw the puppies at the ‘kennel’ next door, they were so sad looking. theng’s having school holidays now so perhaps we can come down one day soon? see how everyone is doing? will sms you about when we can visit.