Karma Puppy (video 1, 6th January 2012)

Karma Puppy (video 2, 6th January 2012)

The “kopi-lady” said that this puppy was tied to a pipe for a few days.

She said the puppy was very 可怜 (pitiful). A “teochew muay” stall-holder gave her some food.

There was an empty container next to the puppy, presumbly holding water and there was also a plastic bag of dog biscuit tied to the pipe.

On the morning of the 6th of January 2012, she was rescued. She was seen by a vet at Clinic for Pets and was vaccinated as well as given a multivitamin jab.

She is  about 0.5m in length and height, estimated to be about 3 months of age.

Update:  08-01-2012

SY “Camie is very tall ! Face looks like JRT. Beelian tried to touch her after giving her chicken n rice, she screamed so loud.. 🙂

We think she has been hit by stick before! She’s scared of the rib treats which look like tiny sticks, which Rain bought for the dogs!

She’s very greedy! She can eat more than the adult dog! Tomorro has to deworm her, C4P (Clinic for Pets) said to give the half tab dewormer tomorrow!”

 “She will grow tall!  Medium size! She will take sometimes to be tamed !”

“She s quite ok with cats! Lionel and Celine will just hang around her cubicle! :)”

If you would like to adopt her, please click here.