6 kittens were fed by an elderly hearing-impaired uncle who insisted on throwing food into the condo compound instead of luring them out to feed, presenting a challenge to rescuing them. Almost all of them have eye infection from cat flu with a few severely infected.


On the 5th of January 2012, Rebecca managed to rescued 2 kittens.


They were treated at James Tan Veterinary Clinic and boarded till 7th January 2012

vet bill of $143.38.


On the 9th of January 2012, Rebecca managed to rescue 3 (one – one eye blind, one girl – perfect eyes, one both eyes blind)

This kitten is totally blind with the eye-linings adhered to the corneas.

They were treated and boarded overnight at

Town Vets Animal Clinic. Bill of $125.91


Total vet bill of $306.91 plus 2 sessions of trapping ($70×2) = $446.91.


This amount has been paid and  the sponsor wishes to remain anonymous.


However he hopes that there will be sponsors for the total cost of rescuing these 5 kittens (Rebecca will persist with rescuing the last skinnest and almost certainly totally bind kitten) and whatever amount sponsored will go back to support the care of these kittens as there is no long financial support for these kittens.


Sponsoring can be in the form of cheque made out to “Loving Pets” (http://www.lovingpets.com.sg/) who is one of the main suppliers of cat and dog food and other stuff to the shelter.


Please leave a comment here on the amount you wish to sponsor and you will receive a message with an address to post the cheque to. The amount sponsored will be indicated in comments here.


16th January2012

Finally the last and worse shaped kitten from a condo just rescued. Rebecca SMS “Yes, think eyes totally gone. He went into trap by accident coz he can’t see.”


The balance of the bill sponsored by Chua Sok Hoon who named this kitten Alma (“”Oh it’s a girl…. let’s name her Alma, e free spirited. thank you”)


On behalf of these kittens including Alma, we wish to express much gratitude to Anna Lee and Chua Sok Hoon for sponsoring the trapping and vet fees for Alma. Most of all to Rebecca who put in a lot of hard work in rescuing them and developing much patience in dealing with an uncooperative hearing impaired elderly feeder and for waiving the cost of trappings which were unsuccessful and also the many trips of transport.


A tabby that the feeder said was the mother of these kittens is now recuperating at C4P from puncture wounds in a hind leg, presumably from dog bites. If she is unable to  recover well enough to be released her usual territory, she will join her kitties at MC.



We  are now in the process of screening a potential adopter for Alma.


17th January 2012, Alma settling in. Alma is about 3-4 months of age.

Alma setting in (video clip)

Alma’s sister with unaffected eyes – named Abigail by Diana Dee “Thank you MC! Had a busy day today but this really made my day! 🙂 ”

Alma’s brothers – still shy.